Join a House Meeting

Sign up by clicking on the markers in green (open). Locations marked in blue are currently full. Locations in gray are being finalized and will open for registration soon. 

Indy SURJ House Meetings

These meetings are designed to help us all go deeper in our journey toward more effective allyship. You will be invited to read, watch video, reflect on and discuss what you are learning and unlearning about race and privilege and power in the American context. Together we can hold each other accountable to the work both internal and in the broader community.

Folks who are interested in becoming more effective in the fight for collective liberation by defecting from white supremacy culture are welcome to attend. These groups are an extension of the White Ally training conducted by SURJ Indy-Showing Up for Racial Justice Indianapolis, Indiana, DONT SLEEP, and Indy10 Black Lives Matter, but you are not required to attend the training before joining a house meeting.

After the first meeting, your group will decide the interval (1st Wednesday, 2nd Tuesday, etc) and agree to meet monthly for six months. Please sign up if you are prepared to prioritize attending each month.

If you have any questions, please contact Meg or Lori at housemeetings (at)